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The Auto Language Direction Detector is a smart PHP class that can be used in multi-language websites to detect the optimal text direction/align of any language (or mixed language text) in the world – right to left (RTL like Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, etc.) or left to right (LTR) to make the text of the website looking in the correct direction/alignment. It supports even RTL numbers (Indian and Arabian) and all characters in the world and it is smart like the Facebook text direction and alignment.

Why to Use this Script?

Auto Language Direction Detector - PHP Class - 1

In many websites, the text looks ugly because they support multi-language text and they don’t provide multi text direction specially when the sentence is ended by a punctuation mark (please check the example in the demo page), it looks ugly this way.

When you render a multi-language text in the HTML of your website, you need the text to be elegant and the direction/alignment to be dynamic. The RTL language should be shown automatically on RTL direction/text-align style and the LTR language should be shown automatically on LTR direction/text-align style within the same page.


  • Smart direction detection of any text (LTR or RTL)
  • So easy to use
  • Smart algorithm to detect the direction of a mixed-language text
  • Supports all world languages
  • Very fast execution
  • Complete PDF documentation

Help & Support

We’d be very happy to provide you with the help/support needed. Our response is very quick. If you need any customization then never hesitate to contact us.

Demo URL


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