XMAS WallPaper with Admob and Admin Panel


XMAS WallPaper with Admob and Admin Panel - 1
XMAS WallPaper with Admob and Admin Panel - 2

Wallpaper app sale

Category Wallpapers Android App provide high quality & HD wallpapers for Mobile with Simple PHP Mysql backend support. It is so easy to customize and upload to Play Store. You only need Upload images and create a category in the admin panel which will allow you to dynamically change the content of your app without uploading a new version to Play Store.

The app has beautifully designed the minimalist user interface. You can easily modify interface according to your taste.

Also you can easy Update Admob account in app with basic step.
Integrated with admob : You can easily change ads id in this app for revenue generation.

We are here you help you. Ask any question.

What You Get :

  • Full Android Source Code
  • Full Php Code of Server Side
  • Full Documentation with Screenshot
  • Bulk Image Upload in admin Panel.
  • Image Cache option.
  • Image zoom option.

Try it on Google Play :

HD Wallpaper source code download


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